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Britney and the Klosterman Dilemma

Posted by: Karenannanina on: January 14, 2012

“I don’t think of myself as sexy – not at all!” In his famous article “Bending Spoons With Britney Spears”, Chuck Klosterman said… “It is not that Britney Spears denies that she is a sexual icon, or that she disputes that American men are fascinated with the concept of the wet-hot virgin, or that she […]

  • Karenannanina: I agree with you about the residency. It's the road to irrelevance for an artist. But a new album would be a golden blessing for her fans. Her albums
  • George: Spot on thoughts on the issue. Honestly, I don't... really care whether she does the residency or not? As long as there is new music, I'm fine. P.S: G
  • Sarah G: You should write an In-Depth of Glory or even Mood Ring (that's a groovy tune)