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The Cynical Fans Are Dumb! Confirmed by scientists!

Posted by: Karenannanina on: March 15, 2014

The previous post has gotten out of hand! It’s still open and you can still comment there, but I thought I should create some free space for you guys to start again with a clean sheet! And yesterday, I read something that I knew my New Britneyologists would love to hear – you guys are […]

Being a fan in the Britney Jean era

Posted by: Karenannanina on: November 26, 2013

It’s already streaming. Mindless, generic reviews are already rolling in. But we, the elite fans, are not jumping the gun – are we? We are not going into meltdown. We are waiting to get our hands on the album and play it lots of times. And we will get plenty out of it, no matter […]

Debate No.41: Can you empathise with the weirder fans?

Posted by: Karenannanina on: April 11, 2013

(It’s funny…. sometimes I do a quick web-search to find if there are any sites that are hijacking or generally reposting my material.  And I find articles I had completely forgotten having written!  I discovered the following piece today.  It was originally written for “How do I love thee? let me count the ways.” […]

Fans and Cynics

Posted by: Karenannanina on: November 4, 2012

It’s so sad that I have to keep revisiting this subject, but with the X Factor it’s been a case of “here we go again… and again… and again…” First the “fans” were moaning that she was “scripted” and now they’re whinging that “she never says anything much”. One minute they’re complaining about her hilarious […]

  • Karenannanina: I agree with you about the residency. It's the road to irrelevance for an artist. But a new album would be a golden blessing for her fans. Her albums
  • George: Spot on thoughts on the issue. Honestly, I don't... really care whether she does the residency or not? As long as there is new music, I'm fine. P.S: G
  • Sarah G: You should write an In-Depth of Glory or even Mood Ring (that's a groovy tune)