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“Britney Jean” discussion

Posted by: Karenannanina on: December 5, 2013

I guess every New Britneyologist has his or her copy of “Britney Jean” by now, and has listened to it lots of times. Right? Uh….. no. Not EVERY NB-er. I pre-ordered it from Amazon about 10 days ago, but they haven’t sent it. Howevah! I know you want to talk about the album – after […]

Debate No.47: The “Work Bitch” video

Posted by: Karenannanina on: October 3, 2013

It’s a shame it didn’t arrive earlier. The Work Bitch video is so perfectly complementary to the song that the two should never have been released separately. In a sense, the video is the primary work here, and the song should have been its soundtrack. Britney looks gorgeous, and her body is indeed hot. Certainly […]

Debate No.45: Promotional Strategy for Britney Studio Album No.8!

Posted by: Karenannanina on: August 21, 2013

Producer Naughty Boy has recently called Britney Spears “the biggest pop star in the world”, so her forthcoming album must be quite an event. Even her recently announced new single is causing quite a stir around the web. But what should the promotional strategy for the new album contain? The promo for her last three […]

Debate No.42: Best Britney Bridges!

Posted by: Karenannanina on: April 23, 2013

We had some tantalising references here recently to the bridge in “Outrageous”. Apparently it contains major revelations about the core of Britney’s being and everything that’s important in her life. As regular PB-ers know, I never pay much attention to the lyrics of songs, yet I was eager to learn. I was sure that a […]

  • Karenannanina: I agree with you about the residency. It's the road to irrelevance for an artist. But a new album would be a golden blessing for her fans. Her albums
  • George: Spot on thoughts on the issue. Honestly, I don't... really care whether she does the residency or not? As long as there is new music, I'm fine. P.S: G
  • Sarah G: You should write an In-Depth of Glory or even Mood Ring (that's a groovy tune)