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Hey thanks for sending me the link to your site. I saw an intelligent, reasonable, critical thought on a disqus forum and ya responded to provide me the link here. I look forward to reading & adding my perspective. I am college educated, a musician of 15+ years, and have plenty of other interests, including my growing appreciation for Britney Jean Spears (which began in 1998, and has blossomed over time).
Appreciate ya. I’ll contribute whatever I can, and actually have some creative writing research-based essays I plan to write regarding Britney.

Just a little introduction, and show of appreciation.

Thanks for your kind words, and for joining our community of intelligent, positive Britney fans! I’m looking forward to your comments!

We are happy to host guest writers. If you have anything you’d like to submit, just send it to me at this e-mail address (not the one for the site):

Ok, will do.

Thanks. And I’ll become more active soon, as I get to the weekend. This site is a good idea & will motivate me to do more writing. I’m gonna type out a more in-depth introduction, just because I feel compelled. It’ll be more stream of conscious, so there will likely be grammar and spelling errors:

I’m pretty old school & don’t know much about forums, but I’ll learn. I joined exhale like a month ago, and started realizing the climate there, as only a handful of people actually like to think beyond shallow/cynical/negative, etc. There’s also an acceptable degree of subtle bullying there, and a lack of depth. I am sure u are aware of that forum. I am still a member and will check up w them briefly& periodically, but it serves as more of a resource or springboard. I knew I wasn’t alone & as I get to know this better I will let some choice exhalers know about this too. Gossip is not one of the “arts” that I respect or love, and in fact, regret that I just used the word “arts”.

I do enjoy creative writing, but haven’t written much about Britney in a while. I basically found my way here because I’ve been a life-long fan of Britney’s, but stopped “fanboy obsessing” years ago (incidentally right before Circus was released & she was doing “better”). For years I stopped caring about the news surrounding her, mainly because I felt a strong dislike for celebrity tabloid media and boycotted it. I only payed attention during “Blackout period” and backlash around those times, to stand in defense of her.

It wasn’t only my love for her that forced my defense, it was also my disdain for the tabloid media, sociological reasons, feminist reasons, and my intense passion for justice. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I don’t even appear what they would consider your typical “Britney fan” – I am strait, musician, have strong opinions on art to the degree of proclaimed snobbery, and my music taste outside pop consists of alot of heavy metal, rock, punk, blues, jazz, classical (as well as some hip-hop but essentially no modern rap, r&b, or most modern pop). I am also more of an outdoors type, hence the unfamiliarity with internet culture…to me the internet was only for research. I actually tend to dislike popculture & have lived without television since 2004, which is something I am extremely proud of. And do alot of journal writing by hand, as I’ve also developed a love for calligraphy & penmenship.

It was Britney Jean, the documentary, and Vegas that got me back to my more active Britney love. Plus I am taking a break from school, and have excess time for creative & pleasurable pursuits.

I can go on, but I will save that for more focused writings & responses.

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