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hey Karen! thanks so much for putting this page up! I’ll cut to the chase here: have you tackled Britney’s songwriting skill yet? Or how actively involved she is with her work (I heard that she wrote the lines to some songs she’s done, (especially in Femme Fatale) but never asked for credit or something along those lines.

I’d be great if you could find out some info on that, and write about it!

Another idea I had was her interviews. Specifically her interview with CNN back in ’03 where she seemed (at least to me) deliberately snarky/sardonic – does/did she play to the image of a “dumb” pop star? (or maybe it was just the Starbucks). Another interview was the one she did with Chuck Klosterman called “Bending Spoons with Britney Spears” – forgive me if you’ve already written about it (since it’s an old interview) but I was wondering if you could check it out and compare it to how Britney seems now.

My last idea’s an art post – that I guess I could mail you the details of, if you’re interested! πŸ™‚

Thanks, again!

The “Bending Spoons” one accompanied her super-hawt Esquire photoshoot, right? And he was commenting on her innocent denials of being aware of her sex appeal?

This suggestion dovetails with Michelle’s “dumb blonde” topic, so I’ll work on that to begin with.

The topic about her interviews sounds very worthwhile, but will need some research!

Yup, that was the one! Can’t wait to read the next entry!

* When Britney takes on an acting role, why does she choose to play a stereotypical “bimbo”? Does Britney play into the role of the “dumb blonde” in the way Marilyn Monroe did, despite having a higher IQ than Einstein! Is Britney truly smarter than she looks/acts/whatever?

* Misogyny and what ways Britney’s life/career would’ve been different had she been male. How much of the hatred directed towards her is due to the fact that she is/was an openly sexual teenager/or just because she’s a woman? Was she wrong to put a sexualised image forward at 18? Is Britney a feminist or pandering to the male gaze?

* Little things you’ve noticed in Britney videos. For a lighter idea, just a cute way of taking a new look at her old work.

Thank you! These are certainly areas that haven’t been well-covered.

Comparing Britney’s fanbase to other fanbases how conflicted our fanbase is compared to say. Christina’s or Gaga’s.

The passion of the under dogs, despite the fact we are the over dogs but there’s misplaced shame there. like in these times. You’ve might’ve even done this before, but things have changed since then…

Thanks for your suggestions, and I do intend to write about this. Your earlier comment about “Britards” inspired me!

Karen, I have a great idea for an article that may or may not have been done…recently I’ve been enjoying a lot of pop music from around the world and I’ve been astounded by some of the obvious influences that Britney has had on these artists…be it her style, her sound, etc. I’d love to see an article that explores just HOW far-reaching Britney’s influence on pop music has been, as I think a lot of people won’t even give her credit for having influenced it in her own back yard! Again, this may have already been covered but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to throw it against the wall to see if it would stick. πŸ™‚

I love the idea, but someone would have to point me in the relevant directions! Are you thinking of J-Pop and K-Pop? Or something more obvious that I should have noticed? Give me some help and I’ll do my best to write it!

Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get to work on pointing out some influences I’ve seen. J-Pop and K-Pop are actually two of the MOST obvious genres of international pop music influenced by Britney, and they definitely deserve mention!

OK, e-mail on its way later today!

I still think it would be good to discuss the tale of Britney:The Under Dog (Despite Her Continuing Success).
It blows my mind people still think she’s low the scale (Due to her “Obvious” lack of vocal skill and musical picking/making ability et cetera) when she’s the one getting four number ones right after going way off the deep end, destroying her own image, defying her family and friends et cetera…Still selling out shows, still making songs by other artists go to number one, still doing tours frequently, still around and kicking…
I just find it the weirdest thing ever.
Why do people still like Britney these days?

Just weird and strange

And another thing people forget, Britney went to a performing arts school too, once…

But anyway, I find it mind fucking how she is considered both an under dog and an ‘over’ dog simultaneously by many people.
if you want to? of cause!

I promise to write an underdog-themed article!

I was reading the comments in that ONTD link that was just posted and i cant help but laugh at the arguments that started over what Madge said, clearly those idiots, don’t know what the saying “built like a brick shit house” means, it’s something used to describe a beautiful woman, have they never heard the song, lol, it has nothing to do with talent, Madonna was just stating the truth, Gaga is not beautiful like Britney, it wasn’t shade…it’s the TRUTH!!!

I always thought “built like a brick shit house” meant “indestructible”, “strongly built” etc. No?

Well i guess it can stand for that to but i’ve only ever heard being used to describe someone very good looking, but the way fans and others were interpreting it was in a talent way, that phrase can describe both being good looking and strength, but where people are getting talent from, idk??

Hi Karen !

A little article about demos sung by other singers (like Esther Dean, for example, Bonnie Mckee and Nicole Morier) and then what our girl Britney is doing to them would be nice !
I mean I went into a demo rampage yesterday and Britney always takes the song to the highest level ! For example “Break The Ice” as sung by Keri Hilson is boring and you can see she struggles to reach the right notes, “Trip To Your Heart” sung by Nicole Morier is robotic & flat where as Britney’s is warm & onirical and “Hold It Against Me” sung by Bonnie Mckee is disgusting and it sounds like she throwing up in the “Loud” part.

We need to debate this because other singers like Rihanna don’t bring anything to their recordings (except her accent but again so does Brit) and they’re merely copying the style of the demo’s singer !
I’m not saying she’s talentless, of course, and I like when she’s doing the raegga thing, but I thought every pop singers made the song their own and I was wrong…

This thing about demos is pretty much unfamiliar territory to me. But if you can give me links to a lot of examples, I’ll write about it.

Thanks for the suggestion!

It’s all over youtube if you’re looking for examples:
You can give the same song to Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Pink or Jessie J and there wouldn’t be much of a difference.

But it’s another story with Britney:

Trip To Your Heart (Nicole Morier):

Hold It Against Me (Bonnie McKee):

Gasoline (Bonnie McKee:

Drop Dead Beautiful (Esther Dean):

Break The Ice (Keri Hilson):

Radar (Candice Nelson):

Toy Soldier (Sean Garett):

Trouble For Me (Candice Nelson):

Thanks for that!

Would you be able to do an In Depth for The Answer? The song grabbed my attention recently and I’d love to hear your interpretation of it.

Sure! Thanks for the suggestion – I’d love to do “The Answer”, if I haven’t already! There are moments of such extraordinary tenderness on that song… and it’s so perfectly recorded to complement what the song is saying.

Big Fat Bass I think deserves a closer look, I look at it as the spiritual Successor to Get Naked

Noted! I’m building up a little list…..

Hi Karen! I’ve been visiting this site and reading the articles and the comments for quite some time now, but I never left a comment. First of all, congratulations on this amazing site, your writing skills are just out of this world! I really love your reviews on Britney’s albums (Blackout, Circus, FF) and I think it would be really nice if you actually wrote a review for one of her tours maybe. I’d love to see what you (and the rest of the members) think about Britney’s shows in general, your favourite moments etc. Keep it up with the great work! xoxo

Thanks for your kind words! It makes it all worthwhile when I discover how many people visit, even if they decide to wait a while before commenting. And it’s wonderful to discover the calibre of visitors we get here. It makes quite a contrast with BreatheHeavy, as my dear friend and mentor PoorBritney always said about her visitors!

You came up with an interesting idea there. I could certainly compare and contrast DWAD, Onyx and FF – I didn’t get to see “Circus”.


Hey, there! This website has been a guilty pleasure of mine for about a year, now. I am SO glad that you are doing “In Depths” again! I would love it if you reviewed “I Run Away”, “Heart”, “Rock Me In”, and “Before The Goodbye”, “Someday”, and “From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart”!!! (Sorry if you have already done some of those, I can’t remember which ones you have and which ones you haven’t) πŸ˜›

Hi, Karmen! Welcome, and thanks for your comments and suggestions. You can find all of the “In Depth” reviews I’ve done so far under “In Depth” in the “Categories” list in the right-hand column – although I do have a feeling that some have gone missing over the years!

Oh, and “Outta This World” would be A M A Z I N G!!!! πŸ™‚

Karen, hello again! Since you said that you will focus on writing your amazing In Depth articles, I would really love an In Depth for Overprotected. I always loved how sharp her voice sounds on that song and it’s one of my favourite Britney songs of all time, so when you find the time, can you please write an article for it? Thanks xo

Sure! It’s on my list.

I can’t believe that you haven’t posted a “In Depth” for “Toxic” yet! I would love to see one!

I haven’t??! Oops! It looks like my approach to In Depths has been anything but methodical….

Karen! “Strangest Love” in-depth , I beg you!

I’ve never heard of “Strangest Love”. Is it an alternative title for something else or a particularly obscure outtake?

Obscure Out-Take

are you serious, where have you been?? It’s a leaked song from last Christmas! Get on it, stat! You will not be disappointed!

It was a recent leak πŸ™‚ From ITZ sessions, allegedly:

I think it’s from Circus. Not sure though.

Thank you so much for the link, Michelle.

I love, love, LOVE that song. That is exactly the kind of music I love. Dreamy, trance-like, idyllic, lovely melody, beautifully performed and sung by my favorite singer in the whole world. *gets emotional*.

Allow me a moment of private grief. WHY in God’s name does all her best material get relegated to outtakes and bonus tracks? Her people seem to pursue pure commerciality more ruthlessly than those of any other artist.

I want to write about this song. Is there an MP3 available anywhere?

It’s a very particular kind of song and if it was recorded for either ITZ or Circus, I can see why they/she might’ve found it too deep or slow considering the types of songs that did end up on both those albums.

Not sure about an MP3, since it was a leak but if you use a program called Youtube to MP3 you can snatch it off youtube.

Also, have you heard another leak called This Kiss? Her vocal performance is truly unusual but it will grow on you!

Again, it has passed me by!

Enjoy! (Note: It is a grower!)

I agree with you, it’s a grower.

2:10 goosebumps and tears

I bet you felt the same way

Can’t wait for the Strangest Love In-Depth!!!!!

Any chance to get a S&M Remix review?

Oh, have you heard the latest leak? It’s called Pleasure You, reportedly from 2010, but I’m sure it’s from 2005 or so. Don Phillip, who sang with Britney in her song I Will Still Love You, leaked a version with his voice. Most probably he pasted it to the original

I’ll be trying to catch up with all the requests asap! My problem is that I don’t know much about a lot of the leaked tracks, so it’s hard to write “in depth” about them. I may have to round a bunch of them up in a collective review.

if all else fails, Wiki’s got you covered! (just in case you might have missed out on any others)

There was also this amazing site: (

but I have a sneaky suspicion Brit’s team got to it. Or maybe I’m just being paranoid since it doesn’t work anymore. Some of it can still be viewed through the WayBack Machine internet archive though.

WayBack Machine? I know nought of this! What is it and how does it work?

someone just posted a link to it already, so check it out! here’s a direct link to their last saved archive though!:

also, for introducing Strangest Love, and now WayBack? Karen, I think I deserve my own article, LOL

Do you want to write one? All contributions are welcome!

Thanks for the link. I remember visiting that site a year or two ago, then I heard it had been taken down. Booooooooooooooooo!!!!

oh gosh, I wish I could, but I suck at writing! thanks so much for the offer though! Maybe when I get “in the zone” with a particular topic, who knows.

I do still have a couple of different (good) Britney fan art saved (those that weren’t already shown on Poor Britney’s old website and something I included in my first suggestion here). So maybe we could have an art post to counter all the reading, for a change? (All sourced back to their respective artists, of course.) I could send you a compilation of all their sources and the pictures themselves, if you’d like. Or we could hold it off until the time’s right, whichever you prefer.

I like this idea! I was thinking we need to look at a few different things for a while, so let’s do it!

Just sent a message to your email! Hope you like them!

Thanks! I’ll be getting to work very soon!

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine is a service that allows people to visit archived versions of Web sites. Visitors to the Wayback Machine can type in a URL, select a date range, and then begin surfing on an archived version of the Web.

Try it out at

Thank you!

Hi, I was wondering, have you seen this beautiful little surprise already? If so, what do you think?

I think it shows the essentially soulful, melodic quality of her natural voice. The Xtina comparisons have started up again, but I’d prefer Britney to a load of overwrought, exaggerated screaming any time!

I must admit, X Factor is doing a good job at getting her back in front of mainstream audiences. I already figured she was, especially after Circus, but when the first few (lengthy) promos for X Factor were coming out, various other comments sections had comments like “Who’s the blonde?”, “Is that really Britney Spears?”, “I never knew she was so expressive!” and “Wow, she looks good”. A lot of people on tumblr seem to be rediscovering her music, and of course there was another Glee episode a few days ago. I think this is a definite reawakening era and it kills me she’s not releasing an album to go with it!

Something that kills me is that the general non-stan public seem to be loving her in a straighforward way, but on her forums, the “fans” are picking everything apart, searching desperately for things to criticize and anticipating failures and disasters that will never happen. The comments from “fans” vs general public could be talking about two different people.

Scream & Shout leaked

What do you think?

Her dry overdubbed vocals and that Britneyish accent! Wow!

I knowww. Song is hot as hell!

I love it, esp. the British accent, i wouldn’t mind hearing vocals like that on her next album!! I just hope the official release we can buy sounds better, cuz this leak sounds all muffled to me.

I’ve made a thread for it now! We can all give fuller opinions when we’ve heard it a few more times. BTW the above link (posted by George – thanks, George!) has now been blocked by the copyright holder.

hey im britney fan and and a fan of ur write ups. i am interested in sales (album sales and single sales) and her income (past to present), not so sure if u have done it, but if u havent its an interesting area to be covered. keep up the good work. i m all the way from south east asia (malaysia), always interested of britney and never get enough of her, a lot of my friends annoyed when i started to talk or boast about my inspiration and favourite subject (britney spears). huhuhu…addicted to ur articles….:)

I’ve never done that. I’ll do some preliminary research and see if there’s enough to make a story. OK?

Hi, really enjoy your site. Reading the comments and see the Unreleased Britney site mentioned here. It still exists but it moved to . It’s really interesting and has a lot of information on her unreleased songs, videos and albums. It’s definitely worth reading.

Thanks for the link!

Given that the ”Britney Should Have Sung It” article is closed for comments I must post this here. I am currently obsessed with a Miley Cyrus new Pharrell-produced track called Rooting For My Baby which I found melodically & vocally very similar to Britney’s Sugarfall. Same producer so the similarities aren’t random. However as much as I love this song I can’t help but hearing Britney on it — she could’ve pulled it off so much better! Listen to that vocal thing she does at the 0:16 mark: doesn’t it scream Britney? There are other moments as well. Oh god, I really wish Britney would’ve sung it. It’s just spine-chillingly beautiful.

I hate praising Miley as I think she’s a complete asshole but damn what she did on this song deserves all the praise in the world. Hopefully Britney will bring something even better on album 8.

Thank you for sharing. Yes, that could’ve been such a lovely song if Britney had sung it. I love how Miley has made such a great effort to haul herself up on to the top level of pop ladies – her only problems are that she’s not that good looking, she doesn’t have a great body and her singing is still at “basic bitch” level – in other words, she can carry a tune but she doesn’t POSSESS it. Anybody could sing her material just as well, or better. Maybe Miley will get better with age and experience, but to be honest, Britney started out at 17 with more compelling vocals than these, and she has just kept adding to her subtlety.

Hi Karen,

I used to read your site years ago and wasn’t aware that it still existed until recently! I guess this isn’t really a suggestion, just something I wanted to share because of your interest in Britney on a personal level.

I came across this old interview recently:

Amazingly enough it’s probably the only Brit interview that I had never seen or heard of. But anyway, what struck me was the way she reacts to the question @ 5:29. When she says “most happy” her face becomes so vulnerable and expressive…I found it heartbreaking.

Hi Sage! Why did you stop coming to my site?! *points finger accusingly* Please be a regular now, OK? Thanks for the link to the interview. I had never seen it either. Makes you wonder how much material is out there.

BTW, I’m thinking of reviewing as many of the longer documentaries about her as I can find, starting with the genuine Britney 1.0.1, “The Rise and Rise of Britney Spears”. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll never leave you again, promise! Haha. I’d love to read your reviews of her docs and bios. Everything you write is amazing, it’s great to have someone has thoughtful as you sharing your insight on Brit.

I thought of a couple suggestions actually: Have you ever compared Britney to Marilyn Monroe? I’ve heard it mentioned over the years, and I personally feel they share a lot of profound (and even spooky) similarities.

Also I see that you’ve done some book reviews – what about Lynne’s book “Through the Storm”? When it was published back in 2008 I found it somewhat ill-timed and insensitive. My feelings haven’t really changed, especially in light of the Lufti trial that was brought on because of it. Would love to hear your thoughts on that.

The Marilyn comparison has occurred to me, and I did think “Mmm Papi” was Britney’s tribute to Marilyn’, so there may be something there to work on.

A while ago, I saw a documentary about Dusty Springfield and noticed points of similarity with Britney’s story. I was intending to write about it, and probably will eventually.

I’ve never read “Through The Storm”, but if I ever find a copy going cheap I’ll definitely review it!

Hi Karen,

Love your site and analysis! I tried to post a few months ago, but I’m not sure if you received the message. I’d love to read your thoughts on “Trip to Your Heart.” It’s probably my favorite Britney tune and easily my favorite off of Femme Fetale. Even if it’s not part of the in depth series, I’d like to know what you think of the song and Britney’s vocals!

All The Best,


I would love a post/discussion as to y BLACKOUT is hailed by Britney fans as her “MOST PERSONAL” / “BEST” album and then they bash BRITNEY JEAN to death, when it is her most personal (str8 from her mouth) and (IMO) her best album…

like wtf?

Blackout isnt even in my top 5 faves of hers (cue the gasps) .______________.

New leak: ‘Welcome To Me’ πŸ™‚

Hi Karen, I found a Britney article you might be interested in πŸ™‚

I read this some weeks ago. It’s brilliant!

Yes, except the classic jab at her vocals, with the autotune myth supposed to fix vocals when it’s distorting them for obvious effects…

But, it’s more imaginative and well written than most of what is done about Britney these days! The author often takes radical positions that were never defend by mainstream outlets before.

Amnesia in depth would be cool <3 love tha way sings tha lyrics <3. Also Maybe also an in depth on britney live from las Vegas hbo special, *its been a while*

Omg I need an edit button

hey, please do an in depth for the song “hold on tight”, its a pretty neat song because of the interpretations of it, i feel like its about suicide and having the strength to keep on going even if god can be cruel sometimes, to “hold on tight” while others believe its about faith in god, suffering addiction, a guy, and ive grown to really appreciate the acoustic version of it online by martini crew productions, i think it would be really neat to read what u have to say about it, thanks!

Second that. I dunno about the suicide interpretation, but it is the one of the soul-baring gems of the bunch. The way that some of the sentence structures kind of trail on and that pronouns don’t have a clear referent kind of remind me of Someday, Just Yesterday, and Let Go, which makes me think that Britney really did write this song, perhaps in its entirety, something we can’t be sure of with some of the bigger songs on Britney Jean. It really does feel like her personal stamp.

I’d say Hold On Tite is definitely the one Britney Jean song unanimously liked by the fanbase. It really is a beautiful song too.

I checked out Unbroken (the leak, damn they’re are so many, I personally can’t keep up) and it’s amazing! Totally shoulda been a B-side on FF or even BritJ!

Please write about more of Britney’s unreleased material. I think some of her best worked has been hidden and it’s very unfortunate because she is far too underrated as an artist because of it. From 2004 to 2007, Britney published the ‘Letters of Truth’ which produced the poem, Remembrance of Who I Am. Later adapted for the Blackout album then taken off (along with numerous others– Strangest Love, State of Grace, Baby Boy, and Let Go). I think all of these songs are so important and beautiful demonstrations of her talent as a vocalist and a writer.

From the Britney Jean album, I think you shoukd write about Passenger. The song is so lyrically brilliant. My roommate and I are obsessed with the acoustic version with Sia. I actually created my own cover of it with a ukulele tonight.

Just my suggestions!! I love this website. Thank you for your dedication. XOXO

i agree, some in depths of her unreleased tracks would be pretty interesting, abroad, when i say so, let go, all that she wants, ouch, to name a few. i think “all that she wants” is genuinely one of here sincerest most personal songs with excerpts from poem she wrote from that heart back when she was in full control of her personal website

I came across that book from Nirvana’s bassist, about the politics of “good” taste. He uses Celine Dion as an archetype of someone who has often been scorned and ridiculed by the medias yet has known a gigantic success around the world. Who is wrong and who is right? I thought it might interest people in here, who are confronded to that dichotomy by enjoying Britney’s work.

It’s called “Let’s Talk About Love”

That’s a fascinating subject. As one example, some people see “energy” as everything in music, so they adore the White Stripes or punk, whereas to me that’s just a lot of obnoxious noise. A famous rock journalist once said “If music is painful to listen to, we think it must have been conceived in pain and is therefore of greater value” – yesss! I’m not sure if it’s a continuum or a number of independent sets, but I reckon people’s tastes in music are defined by the values they ascribe to factors such as energy, aggression, perceived virtuosity, originality, tunefulness and sweetness. Everyone is going to have an individual profile, and allegations of “poor taste” will be directed towards people whose scores tend to be weighted towards opposite ends of the scale (if it’s a continuum) or extent of intersection (if it’s a number of independent sets).

There’s a Masters or Doctorate waiting for anyone who’s prepared to do the field research on this!

To me music is how I see it, in my head. It’s not just sounds to me. I enjoy rock because I can see it, and feel it. Ditto, whatever Florence Welsh, Lana Del Rey do. I have to have travelled in the music. The music has to make me change. I’m also lyric focused most of the time..

I can hear when people sing off key, or waver off the musicality of the music or sing badly. Funnily enough it’s always the tuneless but screamy vocalists who get praised. The artists who lack heart. I’d even include Beyonce in that. Christina is completely tuneless. People, must, like it, but I’d rarely do. You can mix drama with subtly. Britney does it all the time.
My curiousity is why artists like Aguilera get fans…

Delightfully, in these post Britney years, the more non traditional singers who sing heartfully get love. Britney doesn’t get credit, but others do. It’s a great change. It’s not a race to add malisma’s all the time and be as ott and irrational as possible.

All my posts are blocked. I have a good one that I want to post and it never works out

Blocked, Jayden?! Not by me! Did you post from a mobile or iPad? I can’t see any posts from you awaiting moderation. Send your post to me at: and I’ll post it for you and check that the processes are working OK. I thought there was a chance it might have been diverted to spam if it contained certain “magic” words, but there’s nothing there.

Ok, I saved a copy of it (yep, it was THAT good!) so I’ll send it to you πŸ™‚

Hi Karen, I hope you’re well. I was just wondering if you would be willing to write and in-depth review of Blur? I’ve always thought that song was such a standout on Circus (and her whole career actually) but it’s usually overlooked. If not, no worries. πŸ™‚

All the best,


I second this petition!

“Blur” is quite magnificent. It’s top 10 of her best “chill out” tracks (even though the lyrics are a bit worrying).

Yeah, the lyrics are a bit questionable but with Mmm Papi next on the tracklist they seem a bit less troubling, haha. Along with “Why Should I Be Sad” & “Outta This World” it definetly deserves more recognition as a track.

“Outta This World” highlights so well the generosity that makes me melt In Britney’s voice. I would have loved if it had replaced “Perfect Lover” on Blackout because it’s IMO the only useless song on it.

In response to requests, I will write an In Depth review of “Blur”.


First, I think this website/blog is really cool. No one i know is a fan of Britney, at least not like me or anyone on here and I love hearing/reading other fan’s opinions and thoughts on her music. Anyway, I was wondering if you would eventuallly doing in depth thoughts on the tracks from the Britney album that you haven’t done yet? It’s my favorite of hers (most of the time, sometimes it changes) and I loved reading your thoughts on Lonely, Boys, Let Me Be, TWYTM, When I Found You, Cinderella, and Anticipating. So yeah, i’d like to see what you think of the rest of the songs from that gem of an album, including bonus tracks. Again, very cool blog!

Thanks Craig! I didn’t realise I’d left some tracks out. I’ll see what I can do!

You should write an In-Depth of Glory or even Mood Ring (that’s a groovy tune)

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  • Karenannanina: I agree with you about the residency. It's the road to irrelevance for an artist. But a new album would be a golden blessing for her fans. Her albums
  • George: Spot on thoughts on the issue. Honestly, I don't... really care whether she does the residency or not? As long as there is new music, I'm fine. P.S: G
  • Sarah G: You should write an In-Depth of Glory or even Mood Ring (that's a groovy tune)