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“Make Me” quick review

Posted by: Karenannanina on: July 18, 2016

I was expecting something a bit faster for Britney’s new song but I’m celebrating what we got instead! The traditional club banger seemed inevitable. Britney had been mining the same pop-dance groove on most of her albums after the thrilling days of the super-cool In The Zone. That streetwise album was the one that drew me to her. And this new single, at last, is a return to the kind of music I love. BB (“before Britney”) I was strictly a soul/r&b girl and my jams are still the sweet soul ballads like Joyce Sims’ sublime Move Closer or Lauryn Hill’s heartrending The Sweetest Thing. What makes these tracks great isn’t just the mood, enrapturing though it may be. It’s the addictive tune that keeps playing in your head most of the day, maybe after just one hearing. Make Me was cutting its trails in my brain after just a few seconds. Straight away it corrects the deficit that plagued Britney Jean – lack of memorable melody.

English producer BURNS has endowed Make Me with a much more expansive and (shall we say) reverberant soundscape than she’s used to. It’s colorful, ever-changing, and punctuated by startling electronic flutters. The basic structure is conventional, in the modern idiom, with two-part verses, pre-chorus, chorus and bridge. The verses are confidential, with lots of reverb on the synths and guitars. The pre-chorus is even quieter, but subtly engineers a release with its use of insistent percussion. Then the chorus just explodes into a wall of sound, with choir-like multi-tracked vocals and instruments flooding in and echoing all around you with stunning dynamism. On this occasion, the bridge is G-Eazy’s slick, crystal-clear rap, minimally backed, that steadily builds tension and releases into another thundering chorus, its closing words prefiguring Britney’s “make me”. Then the song disappears with the ghost of an echo.

Britney is in her mid-to-high register, sweet and intimate, breathy and sensuous, articulating more clearly than usual, with none of the croaks and groans favoured by her many imitators; but some of her characteristic sounds, like her little “mmm yeah” are just audible. No doubt we will see the usual journalistic suspects informing us that she “phones in” her vocals, and similar trash talk. Don’t believe a word of it. She’s right there in the moment, fervent, sexual, emotional and committed. If this track is a sign of things to come, it looks like a new Golden Age of Britney is about to dawn.

The Make Me video sees a return to the age-old “writhing in underwear” pattern that was discussed, admired and decried in equal measure back in the era of My Prerogative. For nostalgic Britney fans, it’s kinda comforting to see it again – although some will dub it “trashy”, as they have always done. To borrow a description of the plot, “The video begins with the singer and her girlfriends having lunch together, and telling “Michael”, a hunky young man, to come and meet them that weekend with some of his friends. When Britney tells him that she will be at this mystery meeting, he of course agrees to go. The star is then shown arriving at the Make Me auditions in a flashy BMW, and she watches the men take turns in front of the camera, pouting and showing off their talents. As Britney watches from the sidelines, she wears a glitzy black sheer crop top featuring star motifs, matching heels and a fedora and Daisy Dukes. After the rest of the men have cavorted around in front of the camera, she spots the guy she was chatting to at the beginning of the video. Things then get hot and heavy between the pair as Britney takes him to her bedroom and he plants kisses on her stomach. Britney can be seen in nothing but black underwear as the handsome model climbs on top of her – before the camera cuts off.” (Credit: Daily Mail Online)

I’ll add to this review and upgrade it to “In Depth” when more information becomes available.

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Couldn’t agree more, Karen! There are some Britney tracks that take time to grow on me and others that I like instantly. Make me is definitely in the latter. I particularly enjoy her vocals here. While my ear isn’t as well trained as Karen’s and others on this blog, I feel that her vocals sound less manipulated than in other tracks.

I also really like is that Britney seems to be singing about being genuinely in love, in the same vein of Unusual You and Trip to Your Heart. This is rare since most of her ballads tend to be on the sadder side or focused on heart break.

I’m exited to hear the rest of the album. I’m hoping the sound of it will be similar to Make Me.

Thank you for the insightful review, Karen.

I think the song is pretty good. I am not AMAZED by it, but it’s undeniably catchy. I celebrate her vocals sounding clear and raw again most, especially on a lead single, which is something we haven’t heard since “Gimme More.”

I look forward to the video, which is supposed to come tomorrow, if the rumors are true. It should come soon to keep the hype going. I think it should be released with the album announcement, but that’s just my opinion.

I am very intrigued to hear the whole of “Private Show.” It sounds like a Duffy song, musically and vocally, and it sounds VERY good.

I love it, I am all about the guitar lead sound of it, and the bang on trend vocal samply part, the lyrics are so sexy, and every time I listen to it, I get excited!

Thank you for your great review Karen!! I really like Make me. The ‘like it ain’t a choice to you, like you’ve got a job to do’ keeps playing over and over again in my head. I like that her voice sounds more raw (don’t you just love her part in ‘hands’??). At first I could have done without G-eazy’s part, but it’s growing on me (I still hope some one will come out with a remix with only Britney’s part). Maybe it’s because I’m not english speaking but I do have a heard time hearing what she’s singing most of the time, making it hard to sing along which is too bad. Most major hits from any artist are songs you can sing alomg to, imo. So excited for the rest of the album!

There is a radio edit minus the rapping

Thanks. Yes, I found it right after I posted here.

It’s just made a bit shorter by taking the rap out! There’s still no bridge! I wonder when the video’s coming out?

I loved her vocals in “Hands”. She seemed to me to be the dominant voice on it!

Any one heard Private Show, it’s like Britney’s tribute to herself and she sounds like she’s having a crazy fun time doing it too.
These two tracks so show so much enjoyment in her job, it’s thrilling. If an artist is excited for their work the more exciting it is for the listeners

She’s SANGING her lungs out. I am impressed with her delivery. The song’s pretty good too.

Yes, her vocals on “Private Show” are like nothing we’ve heard from her before – really powerful and incisive, It seems like a New Era of Britney in performance as well as in repertoire!

She raps, she talks, she giggles, she verbally teases, it’s all great

Clumsy just came out, another amazing track

Glory is the new In the Zone we’ve all been waiting for. Can’t wait to read your review, Karen.

I’ve ordered the Deluxe edition CD from Amazon. It may not be the earliest review but it will be thorough, kindhearted and guaranteed free of snark!

It won’t be the earliest but it sure will be the best.

Its like a fell through the rabbit whole, into a parallel universe where Britney fans actually defend her, actually like her work and actually stop projecting bullshit ideas of how she’s supposed to act onto her face and generally being ungrateful. FINALLY, after 8 years of hard work, three well received albums, and one “bad” one (which I still love), finally some sort of acceptance, of Britney and what she does. (And Larry shut up, thank God)

I’m on the fence about what’s happening right now. I’m sure the album is great and is what most fans were expecting from her but I don’t like the degradation and the deletion of “Britney Jean”. I loved that album (except 1/2 tracks). They’re were some great ideas and I’m gonna miss the “Alien”, “Perfume”, “Don’t Cry”, “Passenger” and “Hold On Tight” type of pop songs, well sung and well written that gave some insight on her journey and not just her brand, persona.

The hypersexualization of the whole thing is also disturbing to me, not because she doesn’t look amazing or should be forbidden to do whatever she wants with her body but because she said again and again that she wanted an alternative with more focus on choreos and less “skin showing”. I don’t know if she’s really satisfied with that part of the business or does it because that’s what people expect from her and her competition is almost naked, most of the time, in videos/performances?

The one huge mistake she made with “Britney Jean” was very simply to describe it as her “most personal” album. People turned rapidly against the album when they realised it wasn’t full of angst-ridden ballads, or instantly catchy pop melodies. Many people turned against it without even hearing it.

Oh yeah, I’m am so not okay with the deletion of Britney Jean and pretending like it never happened, because it did happen, and it moved me a lot personally. Passenger, Alien, Perfume, Til It’s Gone, all mean something to me, and that album came out at a weird time in my life and got me through things and prepared me for other things.
The biggest error they made, as Karen said, is saying it’s just a “personal album” and not going further, not explaining in detail how each track fits into her personally and personality. People where confused by the sexual tracks, defend that by saying she is a sexual person, some songs are feel good break up pop songs, that fits her because she prefers to feel good after a break up and give her fans positive messages, some songs are about common experiences in her life (Perfume, Alien, Work Bitch) and some songs are about things she wants to be better at, et cetera.
I also feel she didn’t defend the album properly, perform Passenger, and Till It’s Gone, and Tik Tik Boom, and Body Ache and show it off.

and Will I Am, selling it as a Will I Am Product put people off from the start, even if the album itself hardly has any of his elements minus It Should Be Easy basically.

Thanks for your answers.

I guess when you’re around such a huge community that is Britney’s fandom, you have to follow the general consensus even if it’s subective, untrue or exaggerated (a kind of revisionism). That’s why I don’t consider myself part of the Army even though I really love Britney. I don’t like dictatorship where people have to follow,even what’s against their heart, just to be part of something…

“Britney Jean” was the scapegoat for her post 2008 methods, which means barely any promo and minimal interaction with her fans. I listened to many terrible pop albums and this one was not one of them, not by a longshot. What mystified me the most is that you have popstars who have been exposed as fraudulent by people in the industry yet fans still supported and defended her. Britney was the opposite. Her singing was praised by Orbit, Sia and Anthony Preston. Many of her writing habits can be found on the album and one of Sia’s collaborator recently posted two paper sheets with Britney’s handwritten lyrics for “Brightest Morning Star”. But who dragged Britney into the mud, over her singing and songwriting, erasing any professional pride she’s been praisedfor, countless of time? Her very own fanbase!

You have so many pop stars, especially in artists who came out around the time she did, who have less work ethic, are less close to their fans and do worst albums more rarely (average 4 years) and get zero calling out, for it, besides slowly falling into irrelevancy and alienating would be fans. I can name at least two artists who flat out lie about their intentions and goals, and either treats a few fans good, or treats all of them bad with constant lying, and delaying.
It it, 100% to me, Britney Fans get treated well, get lots of opportunities and music, and never ever appreciate it. Never. The more you get, the less you appreciate it, and Britney gives us a LOT!

The review of “Glory” is in hand and should be ready in a couple of days!

So ready, the album is so great, besides one track which the fandom adore, which I cant get into….

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  • Karenannanina: I agree with you about the residency. It's the road to irrelevance for an artist. But a new album would be a golden blessing for her fans. Her albums
  • George: Spot on thoughts on the issue. Honestly, I don't... really care whether she does the residency or not? As long as there is new music, I'm fine. P.S: G
  • Sarah G: You should write an In-Depth of Glory or even Mood Ring (that's a groovy tune)