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Good and bad news

Posted by: Karenannanina on: March 13, 2015

Britney seems to be triumphing over the sneering with her Pieces of Me show. I’ve read several times that she has reinvigorated the fortunes of Las Vegas on numerous fronts, including room occupancy. Now we’re hearing rumors (but they’re probably JUST rumors) that she’ll be featuring in the halftime Superbowl show in 2016. That would be good for her pre-show kudos, but you’ll have no trouble imagining the post-show snark. Lip-synching and lazy dancing – if present – will not pass unnoticed, and the worldwide audience for any such regrettable phenomena would be enormous. So she could end up doing terrible damage to her reputation just when her Vegas show has been building it up!

The next item on the agenda is good news for Britney but bad for us. The Pieces of Me show has either been, or is about to be, extended through 2017. Her fortune will continue to grow at a mighty rate, yet she’s in a position to enjoy a sweet, domesticated life and spend lots of time with her kids (of whom, we are told, she has regained primary custody). And we’ve heard that she wants more kids? Hmmm… only if it doesn’t prevent her from fulfilling her contractual obligations. But at the end of 2017 she’ll be 36… will she be prepared to leave it that long? If she has to synchronize personal and professional events, a show based in a static venue is the only way to go.

So anyway, that’s another 3 years that hardly any of her worldwide fans will see her perform. And her Vegas schedule doesn’t seem to leave her any time to make movies, appear in TV shows, or… we now discover… record another album. This much-anticipated event now sounds very like “this year, next year, sometime, never”, with Larry Rudolph commenting that albums aren’t that important any more. WHAT!!! To us, loyal fans dispersed around the world, albums are everything.

I’m happy for Britney, as a fan who has loved her through all of her troubles and traumas. But sadly, it looks like most of us are losing her. I still have an awful lot of In-Depths to write but when they’re all up-to-date will there be anything more to say? Can you see her going back to her previous life aged 36 as a touring pop star in 2018? What do you foresee for her?

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That damn Larry Rudolph kills my spirit. Such a greedy, vacuous bastard who never cared about her fans, just the bottom line. It’s like, what do they think an album is? An album is a work of art, a concept, representing an artist as they stand in reflection to their times, their culture. I can only conclude that at this point, Britney is so insecure about her own abilities or place in the pantheon that she is paralysed and the Vegas machine is her protection from reality.

Maybe she’s just super-satisfied with her work/life balance at the moment? And neither very ambitious nor very competitive? She’s not like most stars in what she wants from life and I think she’s found her little niche. According to a story in Billboard, she had her eye on a Vegas residency when she was only 21!

Yes, many threw her under the bus saying only has been did residency, but I remember her saying in an interview ages ago, how she would like to go the Celine route to settle once she’s older and has had kids! That’s exactlly what she did.

She may be satisfied, but I am not. I’m sick about that wasted potential.

Yeah, and a Vegas residency basically starts as a plateau but gradually descends…. She needs to start thinking about how to pick it up again, if she still wants to.

I LOVE LOVE albums and always will, and I’m not too keen on Larry (just seeing how he dealt with Britney or how he shaped Miley into the creature she is today, tells me human decency and morals is a foreign concept to him) but he is, unfortunately, right.

Albums are at the end of the road and each years, we’re reaching new lows in their commercial abilities. The music industry is a business, and there’s no business in the world is going to keep producing anything that is not selling.

What I see for them is becoming 6 songs EP, first on download platforms and then on streaming, with some singles here and there.
As for Britney as long as she’s happy, and she seems happier than ever with Charlie, then I’m just happy for her. Sure, i may get frustrated with stuff sometimes, as always with her, but her personal well being is something she earned the hard way and no one should have to privilege success over it.

I see it as her being in Las Vagas as more time for me to actually get there.

I think her manager is lying, and then again, he doesn’t make the best calls. He tends to lie and then do something different. Every album is her Ray Of Light and whatever. I want her to find a new manager or team or something. She’s slipping slightly…

I’m also happy with Charlie, finally a man on her level, who makes her glow who isn’t bitter and twisted about her successes. Maybe this one won’t cheat?

I think we’re heading towards the EP > album era. 8 tracks at most, to tide people over, to engage the GP, et cetera. Albums will be a thing, but a rare thing.

I think if anyones owed a relaxation it’s Britney. She works so hard, before and after her issues.

I agree with you on basically all counts. I am happy that Britney is one place and that place is pretty freaking awesome. Don’t we all want a perfect reason to save up and get to Vegas? I do!
That arena allows Britney to host a show that is more elaborate than anything she could take on tour. Also, it is changeable. It will grow with Britney over time, as it already has experienced so many costume changes and random song switching-about throughout the run thus far. I believe in Britney to continue maintaining the balance of pop star, mommy, lover, friend, and businesswoman (among other things!). I see the relationship with Charlie being beneficial in multiple ways. It would only make sense that in another year or so a big move would be slated for Britney. She loves to act and is actually very good! She will be in more TV and film work, for sure.

Of course I would like an album, but I’m fine with getting some singles right now. I’m glad Britney is taking her time and Album 9 may not be that far…. I think that Britney and her team are really interested in the element of surprise moving forward.

Anyway, I really admire Britney for making her personal life a realistic priority. She has primary custody of her kids again. She’s in a healthy, happy romantic relationship. I am proud of her!

But Britney’s Vegas show is more like a museum exhibit. It’s not fresh or dynamic or creative – it’s kitsch, in the very city of bad taste. Those outrageous angel wings during Everytime? Please, that is a laugh riot. What makes me incredibly happy is that from 1999 – 2004, she didn’t make a false move and the work she did in that era alone is enough to make her iconic and one of the exemplary avatars of that unforgettable time in history when internet technology allowed the world to open up.

So you’ve seen it?

Glad you’ve seen it. Some of us on the other side of the world would like to see it/appreciate it.

I saw Piece of me in February and I have to agree with Galli here – the show is not nearly as dynamic and evolving (nor elaborate) as I had hoped it would be. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, and would see it again, but there are elements that I found lacking. With all the money they are pulling in, I am surprised they haven’t upped the ante with the set and wardrobe.
Britney on the other hand does seem to be thriving…happy, energetic, and as beautiful as ever. She was mesmerizing to watch. I hope she continues to find happiness and satisfaction in her career – when she’s feeling it, she’s fire.

Thank you Jamie. IMO the only way Britney can redeem the garish Vegas circus (no pun intended) is by bringing some classic beloved ballads into the mix. Let’s have her delighting her audience with “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart”, “Sometimes” and “Born to Make You Happy” as the grand finale – THAT is the pure, authentic Britney. Where the hell did she go.

Britney doesn’t seem to be at the top of your admiration list anymore, Galli. That’s OK, it’s your prerogative. Michelle went the same way in the end, though I couldn’t agree with her Beyonce obsession. So, if you don’t mind me asking, who do you love these days?

I will always love Britney. I am merely stating that the muse, the Mona Lisa, the intuition, the genius, whatever you want to call that energy that made her a star has gone forever. Now, this does not take away from an eternal iconography that can be enjoyed again and again. So when you imply that I don’t admire Britney anymore, I retort with – which Britney?

Britney changed, you’ve probably changed since liking her. She doesn’t promote like she did, so what. I’d rather her be a present mother and stable in a place all her fans can reach. She still gives us things, she still fights for her vision, she still runs her career.

I don’t see the different, she doesn’t promote as much as she used too, so what, she already has her empire and expands it as she see’s fit.

She’s hardly fading away…If anything, right now she’s glowing and fighting for what she wants and needs.

“She still gives us things, she still fights for her vision, she still runs her career.” – with respect, what’s that River in Egypt called again?

I guess in the end it’s only about one thing, the most important thing of all: what does BRITNEY want? If what she’s doing right now makes her happy then so be it. She deserves it. Nobody should be telling her what to do.

Her last Vegas leg (is it me or are these legs really, really short?) she seemed to be doing better then ever and that made me happy. It must be her new man that makes her feel that way, how else could we explain her new attitude on and off stage? She seems to be in a very good place. She’s glowing again.

On a positive note: I’m happy they’re not forcing her to do an album and just take their time. We’ve got that Morodor song coming our way, the duet with Iggy… So those are things to look forward to.

Yeah, she still gives us things.

You’re right. It’s sad that some people don’t appreciate that. They need to understand that she could have retired years ago but she didn’t. In that case she wouldn’t be giving us anything at all. But their theory is that she needs to give it the full 100% or nothing at all. Crazy.

I would love her to do a world tour, to release an album, to perform at award shows, do interviews on tv shows etc. But I understand her priorities have changes. Why? Because my priorities in life have changed too. When I was younger I checked every candid picture of her, I bought every magazine with her on the cover. Yes, I was obsessed. Then I started working, I became a godparent… Things change.

Of course music is still important in my life. I can’t live without music. And I can’t live without daily checking a few Britney sites. But I can’t be bothered to complain aboout irrelevant things.

She said, in an interview in OK Magazine (UK edition) back in 2003/4, that when she passed 30 she was going to slow down her career and try to achieve a better work/life balance. She obviously meant what she said.

She’s hardly a part time artist either (albums every four years+, no tours), she release often and still tours/performs. She even promotes more then she needs too. Hence she seems irritated/bored when she DOES promote.

She’s got 8 studio albums, several compilations and a seemingly endless stream of unreleased songs, popping every few months! Many singers only have 2 or 2 albums to their name! Her public don’t realize how lucky they are, to have that much material at their disposal…

*2 or 3

I secretly think Britney encourages it/does it. It’s no accident and the material has to be heard. We have many album fulls, I still haven’t heard them all!

Larry has to go. Surely we all agree on this?

Oh yes, definitely. Which is weird because in the beginning of her career they seemed to do everything right (ok, that’s not comletely true) but now it seems they have no clue what they’re doing.

yesh, he needs a hard demotion. Britney’s best album was the one where he didn’t dilute her plans aka Blackout.

I am slightly irriatated he seems to feel the need to alter her plans for her albums, post Circus.

He’s done his job, she needs new blood, and a team with a open mind.

I agree with everyone who understands that Britney has a work/life balance that she wants to maintain. I was expecting her to take a long break from the recording after Britney Jean, so I’ll be pleasantly surprised with any new music in the meantime. However, if Britney agrees to extend her residency to 2017, I’d imagine she’d have to switch up the show at least to some extent, and I hope she does. I saw her in Vegas last month, as well. I was in the general admission pit right by the stage. I had never been that close to her, so I was just in awe the whole time. I understand that she is not performing the type of choreography she was over a decade ago, but as Jamie said, she is still incredible to watch. The swagger, facial expressions, poses – it never gets old for me!

She just did an interview with People in which she claims her family to be her main priority. We already knew that, only if those so-called fans who consistently complain about Britney not being at the top of her game anymore would understand this, it would def make for a good change.

I still demand quality music from Britney, and no, Britney Jean wasn’t such an amazing record after all in my opinion. I don’t care if she doesn’t tour anymore really, her voice, her songs and her albums are more than enough for me, but Britney Jean was pretty underwhelming to these ears and I hope Britney steps her game up a lot for the next one.

Also, there’s a new single coming o May 5th, according to People themselves. It’s called ‘Pretty Girls’ and it features Iggy Azalea. I don’t like her much, and she seems to be losing a substantial amount of popularity these days, but hopefully the song will be a hit. The video will be shot soon, so I’m guessing we’ll get both things simultanously. Good times to be a fan!

I agree, I didn’t find majority of the tracks on Britney Jean compelling, and I really gave it some time to grow on me. The only track that really grew on me was Work Bitch. Body Ache, ISBE, Chillin With You were all pretty forgettable especially compared to the rest of her discography. With that said, Perfume, Passenger, and all of the bonus tacks were top notch. After having mostly dance tracks on Femme Fetale (and I love FF), it was nice hearing strong ballads like Perfume and Passenger. I realize this is probably a more appropriate comment for the last post, but I remember the first time I heard Passenger and Perfume I was blown away by her vocals.

I already posted that somewhere in here but I’m convinced the negative reception “Jean” got was a projection of her public’s decade long frustration. It was not a question of quality IMO. When I first listened to it, 3/4 months after it’s been released, a bit overwelmed by the gigantic flop and all the criticisms, I expected to hate it…. Instead I simply loved it.
And, in spite of what her fanbase say, half of the record and the bonus tracks create a chasm in her discography, and such a change is bound to alienate some people.
Anyway, to conclude, I’ll say the record, just like Britney herself, will be rehabilitated and better appreciate in perspective. As the Carl Wilson, book I’m currently reading says: “Dislike of of certain musical output can just be a way to assert your good taste in the public sphere” and on a forum I go to, few people dare saying they love “Britney Jean” because they’re afraid it’ll ruin their credibility!!!

I treasure the album two years on.
I think people misunderstood the album. Its dance music and personal thoughts. She can do both. People have done it before. Had albums of sex and their deep personal morals/problems (impossible princess-Kylie Minogue).

They should’ve promoted it as that. “This is a transitional album about things like my attitude to love (Passenger) and my love of movement (Tik Tik Ache). You can dance and draw power from it. It also discusses my break up. It’s personal, but it’s fun too”
Bam! People get it, no drama…

I get that there’s people who really hate the album, from a musical perspective. But really, seeing some of the reviews and some of the trash that has been spewed about it, well, for many, it goes DEEPER than that, in a place full of negativity, preconceived ideas and ego stroking (who will post the most degrading words?).

The vindictive hatred of Will I Am is so OTT. She picked him cuz she wanted to actually discuss her story and her life, instead of throwing tracks at her and hoping one hits the mark. He even got David Guetta to musically give it more depth and do the music she wanted.

Britney fans can be delusional, ditto with Femme Fatale which only has like 5 tracks with Dr Luke and the rest with various others, but the wahythey talk about it, it’s like he did All of it, or most of it.

And those tracks were some of the best on the album. With all the crap he got from her stans, I thought he was reponsible for the 2 average songs on it, and then I checked the credits…

As for Will, except for “Body Ache”, which sounds like it could benefit from some tweaking, I’m still glad he let her get away with putting “Chillin’ With You” in the normal version of the album. A song so divisive and off-putting, on first listen, would have met the recycle bin a few years ago.

The big problems for ANY artist are how hungry and ambitious they are, how they can satisfy their hunger and ambition, and how much stress and anxiety they suffer at the thought of putting themselves out there again. Britney is getting to perform as much as she wants to, she’s making more money than she can spend, and she has a great family life. From HER point of view, the situation could hardly be better. I think she’s too happy and contented, with all the crowds coming to see her in Vegas, to worry about OUR point of view, and how much we need a new album.

Moreover, they say they want a new album and, once it flops because they’re releasing their 1000th albums and albums sale are in the pit when you’re not Adele or Taylor Swift, they will rip it to shreds! I mean look at Madonna’s new album! It’s going to flop harder than “Britney Jean” and, instead of appreciating the privilege of having such an extensive discography to reflect on, they’re all making theories about how it could have been more successful… Come to think of it, it’s even worse than with Britney because they’ve had the luxury to have her promote in the US (I mean, she even sang “Dress You Up” in a bathroom with Ellen) and in Europe. You TRULY never know what you’ve got till it’s gone!

The In Depth review of “Satisfaction” is about to be posted. So we can step back in time to revel in past glories instead of curating a growing dislike of “Britney Jean”.

I picked up the new People magazine with Britney’s cover. I just read through the article and it’s very nice. Britney truly is happy, you can see so much passion in her eyes, as well as her sons. I think that Charlie is really in love with her and good influence. In none of the pictures featuring Charlie is he looking at the camera. There are two where he’s only looking at Britney and one where he’s holding up Jayden and looking at him lovingly. I think they make a beautiful family.
Although I get where you’re all coming from with the above discussions, I think that this article really iterates what’s important in life and why we all need to stop complaining. Do I want a new album and three new singles like yesterday? Yes. Do I wish Britney Jean was a bigger success? Yes (but I LOVE it anyway). I think Britney’s accomplishing something really amazing with Vegas and the show will continue to develop and flourish. I love Britney and I admire her. As a performer myself, I can understand the complicated double-life she’s had to lead. I really respect Britney for being a leading example of ‘normal’ mother who works in the Entertainment industry. I think that all of Britney’s fans need to be more appreciative of what she’s already given us. People are so greedy and want her to be one certain thing then give her flack for it. Doesn’t make sense.
Anyway, it’s a good read!! Pick it up or read it at the grocery store while you’re shopping around. Great pictures and quotes.
I’m not criticizing any of you nor do I mean any harm! I think we should all just try to be a little more patient and appreciative of all that Britney offers. The life that she leads offers a lot of lessons if you pay attention and open your heart/mind.

That’s what I said to a “britney fan”, today.

Stop think “oh if things were different”, when she hasn’t quit or become a part timer. She still works hard, but with time for a support system and her family.

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  • Karenannanina: I agree with you about the residency. It's the road to irrelevance for an artist. But a new album would be a golden blessing for her fans. Her albums
  • George: Spot on thoughts on the issue. Honestly, I don't... really care whether she does the residency or not? As long as there is new music, I'm fine. P.S: G
  • Sarah G: You should write an In-Depth of Glory or even Mood Ring (that's a groovy tune)