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Quick consultation on forum

Posted by: Karenannanina on: March 15, 2013

In our recent User Contentment survey, there was a fair amount of support for the idea that we should add a forum to New Britneyology. It would allow our members to set their own activity levels, introduce their own pet Britney obsessions, start their own debates, and even talk about non-Britney topics.

I’m willing to do it, on a trial basis. At this stage it won’t be integrated into the fabric of New Britneyology, but will be accessible by means of a permanent link.

I don’t want the Forum to be dominated by my ideas, and risk squeezing everyone else into shoes that don’t fit. I want to democratize the Forum and have it reflect the way site members would use it.

What I need, before I can go any further, is a list of category headings and sub-forums. These could, for example, be aspects of Britney, the latest news, rumors and controversies, her career, her life, her recordings, etc etc. I don’t mind if you want to discuss articles and reviews etc. on New Britneyology.

You could have sub-forums for other artists and albums (if we can agree on who they would be!), and most forums have a general section (It’s not compulsory!)

This is going to be a short consultation, before we get to the next debate. But I would be very grateful if you would respond and give me your ideas. The less need you have of Exhale, the better!

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My ideal forum topics would be:

Latest news (so all news, candids, tweets from her etc go here)

Albums (any discussion about any of her albums so remix albums included)

Music Videos

Other projects (movie/tv roles, songwriting etc)


Image analysis (style, themes of each era’s look, how it represented pop culture at the time, favourite outfits/hair etc)

Impact and Influence analysis (controversies, trends, media etc)

Behind the Curtain (hidden or subtle things Britney has done to influence her image/persona over the years, as well as how tour and album themes were chosen to represent her at that time in her life etc, any meanings in lyrics that might jump out at you – basically all the mystery behind her career) Though I don’t know if i like that title

Vocals (singing style, nuances, changes, general appreciation)


Other celebrities (We’d probably have to vote on the main ones included because if it’s just a general section, it’ll just be flooded by the one artist if they have an album coming out at that time). My choices would be Lana Del Rey, Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Ke$ha because they’re her main contemporaries and they usually release stuff consistently so there’ll always be one or two to talk about.

I like Michelle’s suggestions. I would add Robyn as an artist deserving of discussion.

I’ll have to to think about this a bit and post back.

I like Michelle’s idea for the Britney section. As for other celeb’s, it’s hard to say, i think it would be simpler just to call it celebs, like if it was just limited to certain celebs, does that mean we absolutely can’t talk about others???

No matter how it’s set up though, i’m sure it’ll be heaven compared to Exhell, i barely browse the forum anymore, there’s so much negativity and hostility, it’s suffocating!!!

I’ve seen forums that used categories like –
Female solo singers
Male solo singers
Other celebrities

However! When you have “named” celebrities, it reduces the risk of spamming by people who stan for artists most people have never heard of. And it keeps some kind of focus and control, which is what a smallish group of regular users would prefer. The only downside (if it IS a downside) is that you have to be prepared to edit the list from time to time, as new stars appear and there’s little still to say about some of the old ones.

I’ll wait and see if a consensus emerges on this. And if we go for “named” celebs, yes, there will have to be a vote.

In the meantime, I love Michelle’s categories for the Britney part of the forum. They would give us much greater depth of discussion than any other Britney forum, and that’s what we want.

Yeah, you have a point about it keeping it more orderly and getting to vote which celebs make it, will keep it fair.

But, like i said, whatever you decide for this forum, will be a hell of a lot better than the other place, lol

I would prefer for the artist categories not to be named. I feel like at the moment, spamming wouldn’t really be that much of a problem.

I also love Michelle’s idea! Especially image analysis (style, themes of each era’s look, how it represented pop culture at the time, favourite outfits/hair etc.) Oh yeah 🙂

I’d love to get to know the posters here better. A forum sounds GREAT!

OK, one more day and I’ll be asking for votes on various outstanding matters.

Karmen’s probably right about the spamming issue – it wouldn’t be a big problem with a small, elite membership like ours. And any abusers (spammers, haters, trolls and Xtina fans) that slip under the radar could be dealt with anyway.

Oh, and seeing Galli’s name reminds me – do we need a category or categories for social, moral and political issues?

Finally, while I’m getting the forum up-and-running, it’ll be Catch Up Time! I’ve found two of my reviews of Britney biographies that haven’t been posted here before, and I’ll put them up for a few days. OK?

I’m fine with everything you guys decide!

I actually agree with Karmen’s thoughts on celebrity categories after consideration. When they are not pushing an album would those forums be dead? It’s hard to say.

I think in general I’d rather start smaller and then expand as need be with time.

i think sub forums could be divided into her personal stuff, her music, her image, smth like Brit the musician, Brit the dancer, Brit the icon/legend, Brit the personality…..

and personally im against sub forum about other stars.

I can’t wait for us to become a proper community. I’m getting disenchanted with Exhale and the infantile cretins who spam the forums. It is just so special to find Britney fans who don’t hurl abuse at you if you write more than a few lines and don’t reply to you with “too long, didn’t read” or “no1curr”.

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