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Why Should I Be Sad? (In Depth series)

Posted by: Karenannanina on: June 24, 2013

As has been pointed out, I have written a lot about this song already. In this review, I will try to avoid repeating myself too much. Britney is known for her big heart and generosity of spirit, so she doesn’t do recriminations very much. Unlike Beyonce, whose every single seems to involve giving some unfortunate […]

Perfect Lover (In Depth series)

Posted by: Karenannanina on: June 6, 2013

Is “Perfect Lover” a somewhat neglected track on “Blackout”? I have rarely heard or seen fans raving about it the way they do about most other tracks on the album, or whingeing about it, the way they do about “Radar”. But this neglect is unjust. Maybe if “Perfect Lover” had been Track 1 or Track […]

  • Karenannanina: I agree with you about the residency. It's the road to irrelevance for an artist. But a new album would be a golden blessing for her fans. Her albums
  • George: Spot on thoughts on the issue. Honestly, I don't... really care whether she does the residency or not? As long as there is new music, I'm fine. P.S: G
  • Sarah G: You should write an In-Depth of Glory or even Mood Ring (that's a groovy tune)