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Debate No.33: How urban do we want our Britney to be?

Posted by: Karenannanina on: January 27, 2013

Every word we hear about the forthcoming album seems to be saying that the days of dance-pop are finally drawing to a close, and that Britney, with her musical antennae tuning into everything interesting that’s going on, is heading in another direction. I won’t call it a “new” direction, since the indications are that she […]

Debate No.32: Do you want Britney to keep on working with Will.I.Am?

Posted by: Karenannanina on: January 22, 2013

Oh how we laughed when the world’s Xtina fans tried to adopt the Maroon 5 track Moves like Jagger (feat. Christina Aguilera) as a desperately needed single hit (in some territories) for their girl. I guess we should all feel ashamed at our blatant hypocrisy in claiming Scream and Shout as a Britney smash. But […]

Debate No.31: Would a Vegas residency be good for Britney?

Posted by: Karenannanina on: January 18, 2013

We’ve discussed this before, but here it comes again! The talk of a Vegas residency for Britney may be pure speculation, based on the well-known press principle “Well it COULD be true!” But the rumors have been toughening up lately and, as I’ve said before, the gossip sites seem to be getting more of their […]

Britney Off The Rails time again?

Posted by: Karenannanina on: January 12, 2013

The sound I can hear in my head is the voice of original Britneyology founder Jason saying “Karen! Don’t panic!!!” just like he did the night Britney shaved her head. My friend Jenna and I were freaking out, hugging each other and going into our own private meltdown. Last night, when another friend, Daisy, told […]

  • Deborah: There's an interview with Charli XCX where she talks about her admiration for Britney, and how much she was influenced by her as a young girl. Maybe t
  • George: I was just listening to Charli XCX's new track "Blame It On You" and thinking of how much she sounds like Britney (or like an impersonator of). It is
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