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Big Fat Bass (In Depth series)

Posted by: Karenannanina on: May 23, 2012

When the fans finally got their hot little hands on Femme Fatale, their reaction to “Big Fat Bass” was not especially enthusiastic. Indeed, it was remarkably similar to their feelings about “The Answer”. Here was a celebrity writer/producer bringing his B-game (or worse) to Britney’s party. More, much much more was expected from Will I […]

Britney’s “entitlement” to be an X Factor judge

Posted by: Karenannanina on: May 19, 2012

It’s been bugging me since the whole X Factor business began that a lot of people are questioning Britney’s “right” to be “a judge on a singing competition”. There are quite a few things they’re ignoring in their haste to get their knives into her once again. 1. X Factor judges aren’t just judges. They’re […]

Now that it’s definite…

Posted by: Karenannanina on: May 17, 2012

I can’t really complain that there’s nothing in Britney-world to talk about, then ignore the one piece of news everybody’s talking about, from network news to celebrities. Even the UK’s tabloids and celeb mags are on it. Yessssss, dammit – I’m talking about the freaking X Factor again. Only this time it’s definite. She’s IN. […]

The Answer (In Depth series)

Posted by: Karenannanina on: May 11, 2012

When “In The Zone” emerged in late 2003, very few of Britney’s fans seemed particularly whelmed by “The Answer”. Even today, when a tide of post-Femme Fatale revisionism has placed “In The Zone” as her best or second-best album, I haven’t seen a wave of new-found support for this unobtrusive bonus track. Perhaps it was […]

  • Karenannanina: I agree with you about the residency. It's the road to irrelevance for an artist. But a new album would be a golden blessing for her fans. Her albums
  • George: Spot on thoughts on the issue. Honestly, I don't... really care whether she does the residency or not? As long as there is new music, I'm fine. P.S: G
  • Sarah G: You should write an In-Depth of Glory or even Mood Ring (that's a groovy tune)