Welcome back!

So you’re probably wondering where the hell is Karen, what the hell happened to the site and who the hell am I?

Well, first things first: this is all my fault.

Hi, my name is Ale and I am the “owner” of this website. When I say that I mean that I pay for it every month since 2011, back when Karen turned 30 years old and I got her this website for her birthday so that she didn’t commit suicide. You see when you’re the best friend of someone who struggles with depression you do whatever it takes to keep them safe and happy.

So what happened to the old NewBritneyology website? Two things happened:

1- Karen stopped posting (you will need to ask her why);

2- I stopped paying for it… because I forgot and nobody told me the website was going to be deleted if I didn’t.

Long story short, when I began paying again the website was gone… GONE, deleted, lost somewhere in the endless dimension of the internet. So I again had to put on my best friend cape and tried to do everything I could to save my best friend from falling into another depression. So I recovered all the old content and reopened this site so that she could once again get back to it. 

And that’s all I have to say for now, whatever happens next is up to her.

Welcome back and thank you for joining us… again! Have a good time and don’t do drugs in public… unless of course you’re a white person and have no reason to be afraid of the police #BlackLivesMatter


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