Karen speaks!

It’s true. I haven’t written anything about Britney for ages. There seemed to be nothing to say, as she was economically inactive. It’s been like that for a long time. So much so that I was wondering if she had in fact retired.

Ironically, I was just about to post 3 new items! However, what brought to light the fact that NewBritneyology had disappeared was that I was reading a rather scholarly article about Britney’s accent and pronunciation, and it included several references/links to NewBritneyology. You can imagine my disgruntlement, nay despair, when I discovered what had happened. But site owner Ale (that’s two syllables) shouldered the responsibility for getting me back on the road again!

And now the reconstruction begins. There were dozens of articles, analyses, reviews, etc etc, which I always felt would be of interest to Britney fans, writers and researchers. The article I referred to above is one piece of evidence that I wasn’t deluding myself! So I’m going to try to bring all of that material back to life. There’s just one problem….

I’m trying to learn how this very different version of WordPress works! It’s an alien environment and I can’t pretend to understand it. But bear with me! I’ll get there soon. 

In the meantime, thanks for visiting NewBritneyology and I hope you weren’t too disappointed by finding nothing here… yet!

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